Team Web Crusaders

Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design team.


After years of helping companies achieve their desired growth through, Trevor has founded Web Crusaders, an agency formed to help small business succeed in the complex digital world we all live in. Working in sales, marketing & operations over the past 15+ years, Trevor has seen it all while working for numerous Inc500 companies.

Trevor Misina

Founder & Digital Marketing Manager

Whether it's shooting photo's at events, the office, or the street's of LA, Colette know's how to capture those little moments that you'll remember for a lifetime. She's has worked in LA on Sunset Boulevard at a premier movie studio and has now brought her talents to the deserts of Arizona. Her preferred weapon of choice is the Canon 5D Mark IV, her new pride & joy.

Colette Zaborniak

Photo & Videographer


A small, passionate and powerful team.

Once we have met with a client in person and understand the goals and expectations, we dive into our extensive discovery process. It involves target audience research, interviews with key stakeholders and an ongoing and collaborative line of communication with our clients.

Our web designers, web developers and marketing strategists collaborate early to ensure a well-designed, well-planned, optimized website, and digital marketing plan from the beginning.

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